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Why online counseling?

Some clients share that the commute to and from a counseling office takes too much time out of their days. They find that online counseling sessions from the privacy of their homes or offices are much more convenient and give them time back in their days to accomplish other tasks.

Will an online counseling session produce the same results as a face-to-face session would have?

Yes! Many clients share that they feel that their experience with an online counseling session is the same as a face-to-face session because they’re able to interact directly with and see the counselor, just as they would in an office session. You can achieve the same results using online counseling as you would in a face-to-face session.

How does it work?

Before each session begins, it’s first important that you find a comfortable space to sit with your computer where you will be free of interruptions for one hour. I will be seated in my office in front of my computer. I will send you an email with a link for you to join each session. It’s a very simple process. Then we begin our counseling session.

As with a face-to-face sessions, I still ask that new clients complete the three required intake forms on the forms tab above. After completing the forms, simply email them to me before our first session at

I have met the criteria of at least 15 hours of continuing education to provide technology-assisted services.

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Where do clients need to live?

I have three practices: Texas, Washington State, and Ohio. I accept clients from all three states.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely. VSee and G Suite are HIPPA compliant. I use both.

How much do the sessions cost? Do you take insurance?

I am an in network provider for United Healthcare and others. Please call me to see which other companies I am in network for. I am an out of network provider for other insurance companies. I can provide a billing statement for you to send to your insurance provider for reimbursement at your request.