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Mike Jahn, MA, LMFT

Couples Communications Specialist
Child/Adolescent Specialist
LMFT in Washington
LMFT in Texas
MA, Couples & Family Therapy
BA, Community Psychology

Mike offers the following in Washington and Texas:


Do you ever feel as though you’re struggling as a parent or significant other? Have you experienced challenges and frustrations with your children or significant other that seem to have no resolution? You’re not alone.

We all know how difficult parenting and relationships can be, and how challenging kids and significant others can be. But, how do we develop better relationships with our children/teens/partner? What can we do to better understand our kids/significant other and have our kids/significant other understand us? What do we do when our children rebel? Talking back? Refusal to do chores and homework and, as a result, have poor grades? How can we get back on track to a loving family relationship?

As a parent of three, I have been working on these questions since my first child was born. In my twenty-plus years I have as a parent, I have learned many things that don’t work. I decided to go into couples and family therapy to learn more about the reasons that families have issues and challenges in the hope that I would become a better father and help others in the process.

My work is about helping parents and children/adolescents work though the challenges that seem to have no resolution but tend to arise throughout life. My goal is to help you and your children find a variety of ways to address your challenges to grow stronger and happier together.

I am not only a licensed counselor in Washington State and Texas, I'm also a certified Triple P Positive Parenting instructor. I use this program as a tool to help parents gain confidence to address their children’s behavior and build skills to make their relationships stronger.

I have experience working with individuals, couples, families, children, and teens with:

• Grief
• Autism
• Cutting Issues
• Bullying Issues
• Depression & Anxiety
• Academic Performance
• Physical & Sexual Abuse
• Behavior & Relationship Challenges
• Gender identity challenges and transitions
• Attempted Suicide and/or those who had parents that committed suicide
• And many other challenges

Many people have a perception that counseling takes a long time in order to be effective. Counseling does not have to last forever. I typically work with clients weekly for a duration of one to three months. I will help you create a plan to address your challenges. These often involve fun homework exercises (no reading or writing) to help you and your children move forward up the path to progress.

You don’t have to struggle alone. I am here to help.

Thank you again for stopping by!

Mike Jahn